Halim Runway 2017 10K – The Longest 10K Yet 

This race was my first race in 2017 and in Indonesia. Since I moved back to Jakarta in November 2016, I still had not figured out about my running routine nor schedule, especially for trail running. So I decided why not to jump back to 10K road race, the distance that was the beginning of my running life 8 years ago. Also it would be a good training race for my trail marathon race in 2 weeks. I was a little nervous for these 2 races, since I had not put enough training other than in the gym.

About The Race (translated from the race website http://ayolari.in/lomba/halim-runway-2017)
Halim Runners (Runners HLM) is a community whose members consist of a combination of military and civilian runners. Halim Runners was established on January 7, 2015 and this inaugural Halim Runway Running 2017 race held in the stadium Labda Prakasa Nirwikara, to celebrate Halim Runners 2nd anniversary. This second year race’s theme was Running Towards Healthy Indonesia.
You would experience the thrill from noisily running aircraft that would not exist in other races!! This competition will be held in two categories, 5K and 10K, but only the 10K course that would have a sight of those aircraft, so make sure you are ready to run the 10K !!

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NIKE Bajak Jakarta 10K 2013

Distance : 6.2 miles
Finish : 00:46:06
Rank : #37 (overall) running under Dixon Canirunners

After I got injured at Pinhoti and took a break from running , I went back to Jakarta for vacation and to visit my family. The first week I got there, my feet were getting itchy. So I talked with my local runners friends if there would be a group run or what not. And Dixon my high school friend told me that he had an extra BIB for NIKE 10K race, and I was like hell yeah.

The race started pretty early, 6.30 am inside the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium at the heart of Jakarta. Tho the temperature was not crazy hot, the humidity was pretty high. I was sweating already at the starting line next with 8000 other runners. It was like a red ocean of people because we were obliged to wear the official race red shirt.

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Run 10 Feed 10 – 2013

Distance : 6.2 miles
Finish : 00:43:14
Pace :  06:58
Rank : #23 (overall)

Before the race, I was a bit nervous that I might not well prepared for a fast short race. I have been training to run slower pace to get a longer distance for the whole year. But not sure what was getting into me, I was just flying when I hit the West Side Highway, and ran around 7 min pace or below. I believe I made myself a PR that I would not be able to break it for a quite sometime.
The out and back course was pretty cool, since I could see my friends who also ran in that race that day, Emerson and Kristin.

The Route
The race started at Pier 84, and ran on the West Side Highway for about 3 miles down, then back up on the Hudson River bike/walk path to the finish line at the Pier 84


Center map

2013 Leatherman’s Loop

Distance : 6.2 miles
Finish : 51:05
Pace : 8:14
Rank : 
#77 (overall)

Center map

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K 2012

Distance : 6.2 mile
Finish : 45:08
Pace :  7:16

Center map