Ellenville Mountain Running Festival – I think I still can run on a mountain race

After my health issue about a month ago, I had not done any running, probably only 2 times on the road. Mainly, because of traveling with my family. But just a few weeks from Trans Rockies, I got a little bit nervous. So I thought it would be a good idea to put my legs into a test, a little mountain race.
Ellenville Mountain Running Festival, a day of adventurous running events taking place in some of the most spectacular, rugged, and remote sections of the Shawangunk Mountains. The Marathon is an epic “double traverse” of the ridgeline and totals approximately 5,000 feet in elevation gain. This division heads out toward beautiful Stony Kill Falls on un-maintained carriage roads that may be wet or overgrown, passes two sky lakes, Lake Awosting and Mud Pond, crosses High Point, and descends to the start/finish. Because of the remote locations and limited checkpoints, this division is by invitation only.

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Whiteface Vertical Weekend

2015 US Skyrunner Series usskyrunning.com

Saturday will see glute and lung crushing ascents and quad threshold descents, both tapered by epic vistas. Sunday will provide beautiful rolling trail interspersed with two of the sharpest vertical ascents and descents that you’ll find on any trail course, anywhere. Whiteface sits on more true vertical gain than all but 14 other ski resorts in North America and more than any resort east of the Rockies. From its sharp and exposed form to an entrance lined with the rings and flags of the world telling of its place in past and current Olympic activity, Whiteface is iconic. The resort and the town of Wilmington will provide the pitch perfect venue for what should be an amazing weekend of hard efforts, epic experiences, and the wonderful community which defines the best of trail running. Red Newt Racing is stoked to have you.

WhitefaceSaturday, June 27Whiteface VK
10 a.m.
2.5 miles, 3,300 ft vertical gain

Sunday, June 28

7 a.m.
Approx. 26 miles and 9000 ft elevation gain

Routes still in design and subject to change.

Registration live on Saturday, January 3, 6:00 a.m. on UltraSignUp

Each event capped at 250.

Breakneck Ridge Trail Marathon 2015

“Climbing around on such terrain makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop.”
Ian Golden, the Race Director –

The Race
Expansive vistas overlooking the rugged Hudson Valley, beautiful singletrack, creek crossings, historic ruins, a cumulative elevation gain on par with SkyRun marathons, and a few of the steepest ascents and descents of any trail race in the country. The Breakneck Point Trail Runs will offer entrants a pretty epic day of adventure on beautiful trails surrounded and supported by a great community.

The Course (Breakneck Point Trail Marathon: Elevation gain ~10,000ft, Cutoff: 10 hr)
Both distances start together and overlap for 25k. The course configuration makes somewhat of a counter-clockwise figure 8 formation in Hudson Highlands State Park for the opening 25k, with an added counterclockwise lollipop loop in the Mount Beacon / Fishkill Ridge areas for the 42k.

Maps and turn by turn directions below. We encourage you to purchase the NY/NJ Trail Conference’s East Hudson Trail Map # 102. Jive that map w/ these directions and you’ll have a pretty good sense of the course and can use the map if you happen to get lost. Not to mention that it supports the organization that makes these trails and this event possible.
Breakneck Point Trail Marathon Revised Topo

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Springletrack 2015 Fat Ass Marathon – Up up And Away

The Deal
1.  The Springletrack is a group run in the Gunks, not a race.
2.  The 26 mile course is on as much single track as possible and is in the Spring (thus the name)
3.  It follows the classic fat-ass format, no aid, no registration, and NO COURSE MARKINGS AT ALL, THAT’S RIGHT NONE!!
4.   We have had a staggered start for the first 2 years.   For 2015 I’d like to have a mass start at 9:00 am from Spring Farm on the Mohonk Preserve.  If you don’t think you can finish by 4 pm (that’s 7 hours) start earlier whenever you like.  It is a fat-ass after all.
5.  Since this starts on Mohonk preserve property, you will need to buy a day pass if you are not a member ($12 fee)
6.  The directions (link above) are very clear about where to go, and the trails are mostly easy to follow.  Buy the NY/NJ trail conference map and draw a line on it.
7.  You get a sticker if you do the whole course.


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Philadelphia Marathon 2014

My original idea when I signed up for this Philadelphia Marathon 2014, was to make it as my 2014 race closure. I hadn’t ran road marathon race since 2011, and I had been going off road for almost 2 years. So I thought it would be intriguing to pounding my feet and joint on the pavement while wearing a buckle.
In reality, I didn’t get my buckle, my injuries got worse. I was really worry the day before the race, since my left calf blew off after The Wagathon X for a few days. I had knee pain on walking downstairs, and when I was walking from my apartment to the expo, my legs had discomfort on every step.
At the pre race dinner, Kino asked me what was my goal. I thought I was just want to finish, tho I would hate myself if I finished over 4 hrs.

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