Traprock 50K 2014

Distance. : 50k
Finish Time : 5:34:09
Pace: 10:45
Rank : #16 (overall)
Lap 1 : 1:33:23
Lap 2 : 1:47:19
Lap 3 : 2:13:26

It was early in the morning when I met Joe Delano in the city to get a ride . The ride  was probably about 2 hours from Manhattan to the race area. And on the way there, we picked up Paul at Hartford, CT. Paul, who’s originally from Ireland but flew in from Mexico where he lived at that moment. Both of them were fast runners, they were in the mission to qualify Boston marathon 2015. We got there pretty early so we had time to set up our drop bag area. The starting line was a couple of hundreds meters from the park main parking lot. Oh the porta-john location was in that main parking lot.

Lets the race begin

Lets the race begin

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Nueces 50M – 2014

Distance : 50 miles
Finish : 10:28:20
Rank : #13 (overall)

The race was a 3 loop of 15.5 miles trail in Camp Eagle. Camp Eagle is located in the Texas Hill Country at the headwaters of the spring-fed Nueces River.


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Rails to Trails Ultra 2014

Distance : 31 miles
Finish : 5:03:13
Rank : #12 (overall)

This is race is one of my favorite race because the race director is one of my favorite people.

This year course was different from the last year event. Since the trail got a pretty bad erosion, so the park had to close most of the trail section. Instead of 2 loops of out and back as its original course, Dan Hernandez, the race director, had to cut it down into 6 loops of 5.2 ish miles.

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Run 10 Feed 10 – 2013

Distance : 6.2 miles
Finish : 00:43:14
Pace :  06:58
Rank : #23 (overall)

Before the race, I was a bit nervous that I might not well prepared for a fast short race. I have been training to run slower pace to get a longer distance for the whole year. But not sure what was getting into me, I was just flying when I hit the West Side Highway, and ran around 7 min pace or below. I believe I made myself a PR that I would not be able to break it for a quite sometime.
The out and back course was pretty cool, since I could see my friends who also ran in that race that day, Emerson and Kristin.

The Route
The race started at Pier 84, and ran on the West Side Highway for about 3 miles down, then back up on the Hudson River bike/walk path to the finish line at the Pier 84


Urban Dirty German 50K – 2013

Distance : 31 miles
Finish : 04:44:49
Rank : #16 (overall)