2nd Annual Trail Run Field Trip to Katonah: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 09:38:19

This was the 2nd year I got honored to run with amazing runners from Katonah, to run 2 loops of gnarly trail at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.


Photograph by Rob Cummings

The 1st loop was the exact loop from The Leatherman Loop Race (http://leathermansloop.org). It s pretty though trail with a diverse decoration from rolling hills, river crossings, mud crossing, steep hills (wall), and a sparkling of bushwhacking tall grasses. In short, a bag of fun.
The second loop was even better. It was a 7-ish mile loop with an infinite rolling hills. Tho my poor lungs and jelly legs were entertained by the scenic views from the hills.
Both local runners and NY runners made me work that day. A happy tiring day. Happy feet!