Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon 2018 60k – Three Peat Peak

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GPU (GEPANG ULTRA) 60K / 5713M / 26H
An Ultra Sky Trail Running Race with a gain elevation gain around 5713 meters, distance 60 km, route Cibodas Botanical Garden – Kandang Badak – Mount Pangrango Summit – Mandalawangi Edelweiss Park – Mount Gede Summit – Surya Kencana Edelweiss Park –  Mount Putri – Surya Kencana Edelweiss Park – Selabintana – Surya Kencana Edelweiss Park – Mount Gede Summit – Kandang Badak – Cibodas Botanical Garden and Total time limit 26 hours.
Start: 00.00, 28 July 2018
Location : Start/Finish and Race Central at Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango
Address :Jl. Kebun Raya Cibodas, Cimacan, Kec. Cipanas, Kabupaten Cianjur, Jawa Barat 43253, Indonesia
Goole Map:

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The 2nd series of Goat Run 2018, will bring you Gunung Slamet with its pristine beautiful course that will challenge your strength and endurance with 2 racecourses, short and long-distance. Both race courses will take you to the highest location in central Java and the 2nd highest Mountain in Java.

Slamet is one of Java’s active volcanoes and there is almost always lots of gas around at the crater giving you real volcanic experience. The participants will be spoiled with its own beauty from the active volcano in Indonesia. It is also one of the best places to see both the north and south coasts of Java.

Both racecourse offerings running across dense tropical forest, steep and rocky climb to the summit and going through some local farmer plantation with its stunning view of the entire valley. On its clear sunny day, you will be running with Mount Ceremei on your background.

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Rinjani100 2018 – Epic S**t

Returns on 4 – 6 May 2018
Lombok, Indonesia

100km / 60km / 36km / 27km
Rinjani 100 is an all new Rinjani Ultra. In addition to the classic route and famously brutal trail from Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before summitting majestic Rinjani, you will get to experience all new tracks cresting the many Sembalun hills, traversing ridges and valleys and the vast beautiful grassland, which merge together presenting breathtaking nature view that makes all the breathless steps worth it many times over.

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CC5K 2018 – CaniRunners Lovepink

CC5K #almamatertun 2018 event was organized by Canirunners, my high-school alma-mater running club, for the fourth time. Working with RunID and Lovepink, this race would promote #breastcancerawareness campaign. The course would be around the school neighborhood in Menteng, Central Jakarta. This would be my last race before my second attempt on Rinjani100. Usually I don’t like 5K races since it is too fast and too furious, but I did this race just because it was an event from my high school, and it would be great to see old friends.

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We are back on our annual race series of Goat Run Trail Running located at Mount Guntur and it’s going to be the 3rd year we held the series on this beautiful mountain. Mount Guntur also known as Swiss Van Java or The Switzerland of Java offering a unique town with cool vibe and also strong Sundanese culture. Located sixty-three kilometers southeast of Bandung, Garut is a lovely spa town also known for its leather-ware centre and famed for its dodol – a confectionery of coconut milk, palm sugar and sticky rice.
The race will start from 700 meter above sea level at the city center, start with a flat road section, good enough to set you on a fast pace and straight up high into 2200 meter above sea level. On its 3rd year, in 2018 we will present you with new course (and longer) that will revealing a another hidden side of Mount Guntur that many runner have experience.
The course will offer you with a varies landscape from street, rice paddy field, rocks, dense tropical forest, green savanna, and wide open ridges. So make sure you bring your phone fully charged to keep your Instagram posting exciting. Aside from its beauty, Mount Guntur will continue to test your physical and mental strength & endurance on a its steep technical ascent and descent.Goat Run Guntur 2018, 3rd edition
Start: 07.00, 8 April 2018
Location : Start/Finish and Race Central at Garut Regent Office, Garut City (Kantor Bupati Garut)
Address : Jl. Pembangunan No.234, Sukagalih, Tarogong Kidul, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat 44151
Google Map :

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