CC5K 2018 – CaniRunners Lovepink

CC5K #almamatertun 2018 event was organized by Canirunners, my high-school alma-mater running club, for the fourth time. Working with RunID and Lovepink, this race would promote #breastcancerawareness campaign. The course would be around the school neighborhood in Menteng, Central Jakarta. This would be my last race before my second attempt on Rinjani100. Usually I don’t like 5K races since it is too fast and too furious, but I did this race just because it was an event from my high school, and it would be great to see old friends.

It had been a long time since I did speed work, maybe almost twelve moons ago. So, as much as I wanted to race it, yet I knew it was a novelty idea. Though, at the same time, I did not want to stuck in the middle of the horde, so I toe-ed myself a little bit on the front. The gun off, these people launched pretty fast. I tested the water to pick up the pace. After the second turn under the railroad, my heart was beating pretty hard liked a kick drum in Taylor Swift song. I knew this was not normal and I was already pushed my cardio limit over a bit hard. I swallowed my pride and slowed down, as a few runners started to pass me. I tried to find my somewhat comfortable pace, and stuck with it. I was on catching rabbit mode with one female runner, when Chiro passed me around km 2.

It was good to have him in front of me, I have something to focus on. After we did u-turn towards the park, I felt a little bit better, which I could try to match his pace. The next 2 kms, I had been on and off between feeling better and awful, man I was thinking how could I be this awful, how could I lost my physical condition this much in a year. I guess, that thought had been entertained me a bit, where suddenly I was at the last km. I was barely hold the candle. We did our last u-turn by the statue. Chiro footed on the gas pedal for the finishing stretch. I was barely keep up my current pace and lost him at the corner before finish.

I think I ended up as the 10th. But here is the interesting twisted story, in a good way. The 6 runners in front of me was in the group category, included Chiro. So moved up to 4th. Then, there was a bib problem with the 3rd guy. So that was the story how I could get into the podium as the 3rd overall unintentionally.

It was a surprisingly a good day.