ASICS Fujiracer

Brand : ASICS (
Gear Type : Trail Shoes
Feature : Drainage system, semi minimalist, shoe lace pocket, 4 mm drop

This s one of my favorite trail shoes of all time. It s the shoes that I can put it into ATV category . I have used it from 10k road race up to 50 miles ultra trail. It was so good that I tore the outsole till it was as smooth as baby cheeks. These shoes are a semi minimalist, so you would feel the ground beneath at the same time it will protect your foot from rocks or pebbles. It s also a neutral shoes with a bit smaller toe box, although they have different sizes for the toe box.

It will take what may come. From asphalt road,  jeep trail, muddy uphill, rocky downhill, crossing streams, or climbing a snowy trail. I love the drainage system and the shoe lace pocket. I had the purple color version, and it always looks good.

This shoes come with a price. I had to giving up on them:-(