Bear Mountain Love and Hate #1: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:40:55

This was my 1st trail running at the Bear Mountain in 2014. It was raining, muddy, and plenty sheet of ice on the down hill. Bear Mountain is always a bag full of fun. Up and down, left and right, rolling hills with tons of technical features. I always feel like a kid just found a playground. But, as much as I love this trail, and  has a lot of fun, it is pretty dangerous sometime (most of the time). First I got a bloody shin , just before I almost knocked out my teeth from 10 cm away from kissing a big stone. Then I did a flip and fall trick on the hill slope. I got a big lump of bruise on my left hip as a reward. Jess should have taken a video of it, we might have won the  funny home video cash. And in one point we had to hike down the hill while hugging the ground, since the hill surface is covered by slippery ice. I ran this trail with these 3 girls, Jess, Violet and Maria. They were insanely awesome. After flipping up side down, sliding on their buttocks, and step into a frozen river; they were still laughing and giggling. It was a tough day, but it was a good run.