Bear Mountain Love and Hate #4 – Hills For Breakfast : Sun, 27 Apr 2014 08:00:00

One week away from Bear Mountain 50 miles and I have been tapering my ankle from injury that I earned from Traprock 50K last week. My legs and soul became restless, and I could not resist to visit my beloved Bear Mountain. And also an excuse to try my brand new (used) MonkeyCart.
So the idea was to train my legs strength and cardio with hills repeats, but at the same time I wanted to avoid technical hill that I would not twisted my ankle much. From our previous run in Bear Mountain, Maria and I found this nice twins ski slope by the side of Silver Mine Lake. So here we were at 8am on Sunday morning, tried to closed the week in the right way.

We started with a small easy 3-4 mile-ish loop for a warm up. The day was great, a bright sunny day but it was a bit chilly from the winds. And off course, I was so smart that I forgot to bring a shell. Though, on the bright side, it made me to keep moving, if I did not want to get cold.
Then here we were standing in front of the twins hill slope. We started with the smaller hill on the right side, it was about 200 feet high with about a half mile distance. Then followed by its sister on the right side, it was 300 feet with almost a half of  mile roughly distance. I ended up did 7 sets of them. It was tough, I wanted to puke a few times. At the end I had a pair of happy legs and a content heart. Thank you to Maria for sharing her tracking info to me.

  • Activity: Running
  • Distance: 12 mi (roughly)
  • Duration: 03:00:00 (roughly)