Delirium 24 – My Broken Glass Hour

The race was be held in Ridgeland, SC at the home of Lowcountry Ultras on a beautiful tree-lined 1.695 mile loop which would be run clockwise throughout the event. The trail was wide enough to run next to another runner or easily pass them through out the entire course. This race was my first 24 hour race and sadly was the last race of Delirium 24.


Distance : 50.85 miles
Time : 11:07:26
Rank : #51 (overall)

Tent City
I woke up in the morning and my tent was covered by ice, I was pretty cold out there that I had to add more layers over my jungle skin. When I got out, the starting line was packed with runners, crews, volunteers, and tents. There was a fire pit to where I could warm up my sorry ass. Also I saw plenty familiar faces, my friends from the South. Despite I m still tired from lack of sleeping and cold, those peep cheered me up and made me forget that I could not feel my toes.

There I stood on the starting line for my 1st 24 hour race. I was anxious to start but at the same time I wanted to go to sleep while hugging my car radiator. The good news was, there was almost no mud on the trail, usually this race was always decorated with muds and rain. Tim saved the best for the last, I guess. The loop was a 1.6-ish miles loop, 98% trail (probably only 200-400 meters of pavement) and not crossing any traffic what so ever.
I started the race with the fast people, it just such an honor that I could hang on with this pack for a few laps. Thank you to the cold weather, I was starting to run faster than I should. But I felt great, the sunshine was stunning, and I shook off my ice layer. On my 10 miles points, I stopped a couple of time, try to capture some pictures. The sections where we ran by the tree lines and around the lake, were always entertained my mind.

The Day I Had Enough
Around noon, my stomach started to get upset. I was dry heaving on every half of the miles. I tried to hang out at the porta jon for a few minutes, but nothing was resolved (if you know what I meant). After a few hours, I got used to with it. I ended up run and walk and run and walk. It was not pretty, but walking was better than sitting. At lunch I ate burger while walking for a loop with crazy Joe. He was probably twice of my ages but had the spirit like a teenager half of my age. That burger loop actually helped and I was able to run a full 2 loops with my ideal pace.
The next stop, when I put on my shell, my hip-flexor jumped on me and yelling at me. Although I felt ok when I ran, but it would get spasm when I had my heaving break. I kept it those routine for another 2 laps. Then I broke my tooth-crown. And that it was, I decided I had enough and called it a bad day. It such a shame that race had a perfect weather, nice and easy trail, awesome fellow runners, and great volunteers.

The Delirium 100 Mile Club
It was an honored for me to witness such a great runners that day, and I could tell who would definitely hit the 100 mile marks before the sun rise. Ben, Andy, John and Sara were a few of those runners who over lap me multiple times with a steady pace and strokes like GP500 cars. Bren, Andy, Emily and John actually helped me and encouraged me multiple times on the course. Crazy Joe did finish strong the next morning despite his legs’ cramps issue during the day. I felt a little disappointed at that finish line to see everyone had an amazing race, maybe a little jealous. But I ended up ok with it. Nothing I could do about it. Having a 50 miles in 11 hours with out a proper training, was as good as I could get that day. I learned a lot from this race, and I would definitely do another 24 hours solo race.