Handheld Hydration Pack

Brand : Orange Mud  (http://http://www.orangemud.com)
Gear Type : hydration
Features : form fitting grip, elastic phone pocket and nutrition pocket, fully encased bottle for stability, secure key clip, 21 oz BPA free bottle, reflective webbing

I am always a big fan of handheld bottle, in training or in races. I could do 50 miles races with hand held if the race is not a technical one. This Orange Mud handheld bottle might looks like any other handheld bottle. But actually it is not. It has a very subtle features that I find make my run much comfortable.

Pro : The first thing that I notice is the hand strap, it s simple and solid. Not like any other handheld bottle, the strap sometime just sliding and slacking after bouncing around a hundred times. Then the best part is the palm padding. So many times that I feel uncomfortable when sweat, sticky residue or else are in between my hand and the plastic bottle. That kinda small thing that could bother me on my long run. The padding solves that issue and also makes me feel more comfortable. The other feature that is thoughtful is the key holder. I lost my key once on my long run in the wet February snowy winter, it was not pleasant.

Cons : Wished I could find one, so I could suggest any improvement.