HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2

Brand : Orange Mud  (http://http://www.orangemud.com)
Gear Type : running gear
Features : shoulder food/accessory pockets, front chest pockets, 2 bottle based hydration for easy fill, easy clean-up, Medical grade mesh for maximum breathability, 2x24oz BPA free bottles included, glove like design for a comfy fit, weight 437 grams, and a rear pouch available as an additional add-on.

The first time I used Orangemud gear, it was the HydraQuiver Double Barrel. It just love it right away. And I am planning to use it for Pinhoti 100, the problem was, I would need more storage/pockets. So I turned my head into this vest version. And again I fell in love again for the second time.

Pro : I think the first thing that felt so right was how it wrapped around my body perfectly and minimalist. It gave my body enough open area to breathe, and yet I felt like I got hug by Sulley from the Monster Inc. Between the shoulder pockets and front pockets, I have plenty space to store my phone, food, headlamp, emergency blanket, gloves, etc. These days, in the winter run, I combine between the rear pouch and the cords, so I can bring extra layer and micro spikes in the pouch, and tied down the z-poles with the cords at the pouch sides.

Cons : I wished they would have a bigger storage for UTMB zillion required gears.

How to wear the pack: