Brand : FlipBelt (http://flipbelt.com)
Gear Type : Fuel Belt

This s a must have gear on my run. I use this fuel belt for pretty much all the time. From short/ long distance run (when my route is a loop), up to 50 miles distance ultra marathon race.

It s cheap and last forever (unless you left it behind on the other side of the globe). Have plenty pockets holes and big space. I use it for keys, ID/credit card /cash, shot blocks, power bars or waffle, and smart phone. It s stretchable that I could fit my Xperia Z phone which was 5 inches screen. The material is so comfortable that I barely feel it attached to my waist, and chaffing free.

It s not waterproof, but I use sandwich plastic bag for my cash, credit card, etc. And I also use a waterproof smart phone, so actually this s very minor issue. The other thing that kinda bother me is, when I run in the cold weather and use multiple layers and jacket, sometime it s a bit hard to find it under the layer. And also if I use running gloves, it s a workout to find its holes. Well everything is more complicated when I use gloves actually.