Minimus 10v2

Brand : New Balance  (
Gear Type : running shoes
Features : 4 mm drop, super light, awesome color design, Vibram outsole

These shoes are my road running shoes for race. Tho sometime I use it for training run if I am traveling. I have the bright reddish-orange color, it just makes me feel run faster, even not in the reality. It s very light and I love the way I could feel the surface of the road but the shoes are still protecting my feet. The skin mesh is so light but still it is very comfortable, it feels like a second sock.

Pro : like the Minimus 20v2, the Vibram outsole is focused on the ball of the foot and the heel area, and the rest are using more lighter hard foam material to reduce the weight. The sole is very minimalist but somehow it very comfortable and doesn’t feel like hitting a hard surface. It has a pretty striking design. The shoes’ tongue is fixed on one of its side that make the tongue stay in place.

Cons : The only issue is the space between the pods on the outsole could catch some tiny rock. Tho it s not bothering or interrupt my run, I don’t feel it at all.