Minimus 20v2

Brand : New Balance (
Gear Type : Running shoes
Features : 4 mm drop, minimalist, Vibram outsole

At this point, I have been using minimalist shoes for over a year. And I am thinking to get a minimalist road running shoes, also New Balance give me a pretty good discount for this pair. First time I put it on, it just feel right. I break my 10k PR on my first try. I also have used these shoes on easy trail from Van Cortlandt to the OCA trail, I think the total ran is about 40 miles and I have no issue of any blister or bruised on my foot.

Pro : Very light weight, that I barely could feel it. The skin is made of pretty rough material that can with stand debris or scrubbing rocks or what not, yet it s very comfortable on the inside. The insole is pretty comfy for minimalist shoes. The Vibram outsole can withstand any ground conditions. From asphalt, pavement, snow, ice or dirt. The shoes hard sole are focused over the front foot and heel area and using a more light and softer material on the rest of the outsole. This shoes are also dry pretty quick when I step over a puddle.

Cons : The toe box size is a bit more narrow than normal shoes.