Minimus Trail 10

Brand : New Balance (
Gear Type : Trail running shoes
Features : 4 mm drop, minimalist shoes

This was my first minimalist shoes. At my surprise, I thought it would feel like slapping the ground, it was not. It felt really comfortable like a fit-in socks. That was my first in love with minimalist shoes

Pro : It was super light, I was almost did not feel of wearing the shoes. Very flexible.

Con : The one that was bothering me was the rubber strap at the outside of the shoe, it was a hard rubber that was running across over the front foot, probably it was for holding the front foot better. That rubber, somehow, was hurting my outer front foot joint, I think it got busied once. I don’t think it was not the shoes’ issue, I think it was not just fit on my foot shape, I have seen many people run with it and they love them.