Minimus Trail 10v2

Brand : New Balance (
Gear Type : Trail running shoes
Features : 4 mm drop, minimalist, drainage system, Vibram sole

These shoes were my upgrade from the MT10   shoes. It was amazed me that they could feel more comfortable from the first generation. I had abused this pair in any possible terrain that I could find in Northeast US, from mud, rocky trail, sloppy rocks, slippery hills, snow or ice, to very basic simple dirt trail. The result I love them.

Pro : The first thing I noticed was their back of the ankle/heel padding, it helps on running over an uphill terrain. The drainage system was great, I felt the more I ran the shoes the quicker they drained the water. The Vibram sole was superb. I ran on the escarpment trail race, and I felt I had the spiderman shoes that gripped everything beneath me.

Cons : I wished they have a toe box protection and rock plate. I am that kind of runner that always gets trip no matter what, that is my special talent since I was a kid. And I wished they have a rock plate to protect my front foot from sharp rocks or pebbles.