Minimus Trail 110

Brand : New Balance (
Gear Type : Trail running shoes
Features : 4 mm drop, minimalist, rock plate protection

I buy this shoes as my upgrade from my MT10v2. As much as I love MT10v2, my feet always get beaten up by the sharp rocks and pebbles. Also I thought a more aggressive sole might help on more technical trail in the snow or muddy environment. I would have TDS and Manitou Revenge race coming up, so I thought it would be a good time to look and trial new shoes. And I love it. I ran with them at Mt. Tammany in the winter, where it was still covered by snow. The shoes served me greatly at the uphill and downhill. Also I used them at Nueces 50 miles, where the trail was rocky and technical in a few section. They were also holding up pretty good. On both environment, I had no blisters, bruises or what not. Even though I tripped on a rock/root, hit or scrubbed my foot over the rocks, or stepped over sharp rocks. Named “Best Minimalist” in TrailRunner magazine’s Editor’s Choice awards, and they do earn that title.

Pro : The outsole has an aggressive traction that is designed to help on the uphill and downhill. It has different shape on the front foot compare to the heel. The plastic rubber skin is great on protecting my foot from debris, rocks etc, yet it helps to keep them as a light shoes. The rock plate is the best, I don’t feel it when I run until I step over rocks or pebbles. It distribute the pressure into wider are, which make a hug different on my run.

Cons : Hope they keep produce this beast, since I can’t find them anymore for my size.