PureGrit (1st generation)

Brand : Brooks (https://www.brooksrunning.com)
Gear type : Trail running shoes
Features : semi-minimalist, toe split outsole, lace pocket, 0-4 mm drop (if you replace the insole)

My plan when I bought these shoes, was to use them as my alternative shoes for my ultra marathon races, or races that has half-half between road and trail. But I ended up dislike the shoes. First time I put them on, they felt pretty funny, they just didn’t feel right. And when I tried to run with them, they were pretty slippery, also my calves and heels got a discomfort feeling. I ended up using them as my post race shoes.

Pro : The shoes’ design actually pretty cool. Their drainage system pretty good too. I do love the toe split that gave me more flexibility on uneven surface. The bulging lace is pretty neat, it helps hold the knots. Then I can also keep them safe in the lace pocket, to avoid the lace got pull away by branches or else. The skin is light but still tough, it protects my foot from scrubbing the roots, rocks, branches, etc.

Cons : This shoes are really not a minimalist shoes. The outsole are pretty slippery for a trail shoes. Actually there is not much traction on the outsole rubber, just some wavy shapes pattern with smooth surface. And I ll be honest, these shoes are not my kind of shoes, since I know a good handful ultra distance runner who loves these shoes, so it might just doesn’t work with my running stroke or something.