Bear Mountain Love and Hate #2: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 08:19:48

What I love: It is Bear Mountain, who does not love bear mountain
What I hate: I hate that I can complain nothing.

Photograph by Lovely Stranger

Photograph by Lovely Stranger

This was the first time I was running with  a group of 11 people. It was pretty hard to keep the group run together since everyone had different paces, running styles, or running goals. So we got separated with 3 groups accidentally. Tho everyone got back safely in one piece and with big smiles; so that was the most important for me. Happy trail and happy people for our content hearts.
I ended up running with Kenneth Tom, Jeryln, and Jess. And his was Kenneth first time trail running in the Bear Mountain. It was a perfect day with a few occasional clouds overcasting us. Yet we were welcomed by never-ending hills, the run was so much better compare to last week run, no rain, no sheets of ice on the downhill, and no slip-fall trick. We managed to get into 2 scenic view points. Those were our treats for our sore legs and muddy socks.
Also as a bonus, we had beers and meal for our closure for the day.

Monkeys were happy! Thank you friends and new friends!

PS. My tracking record was MIA, so I just put raw timing based on my imagination. Also some of the photos were stolen from my friend’s Facebook tags!