Brand : Salomon (http://www.salomon.com/us/activity/trail-running.html)
Gear Type : Running vest
Features : Poles holder, front hydration and fuel pockets, water bladder pocket, side waist zipped pocket, whistle, power elastic mesh material, 2 separate back compartments with easy access to the bottom one, emergency blanket, 2 500 ml soft flask bottle, and water bladder heat protector.

One of the volunteer at Nueces 50 said it s the Mercedes of running vest, and it s so true. It s a very expensive running vest (my wallet point of view), but it s worth every single penny. I feel it improves my running performance in the race and also in my training. At least it makes my run more comfortable although I am carrying my water, fuel, extra layers etc. I feel I am more efficient with accessing my water and fuel, I can use both of my hand when I have a technical uphill, I can bring more logistics on my long run without need to go back to parking lot to re-fill, and I barely notice that I am using a running vest. I used to use a running bag for my long run, but I had a bad habit that I am lazy to take it off to grab my food, so I was not training or running properly. But with this vest, I feel I am more in schedule with my fuel and fluid intake.

Pros : I love to have the soft flask at the front that easy to sip, I just tilt my head and sip. Also it s very easy to take them out for refill, since the flasks will deflated when they are empty. I can also bring a water bladder for longer run, or an extra flask with handheld holder (these extra setup  are additional)
All the storage compartment or pockets are accessible while I am in the run, except the top rear compartment. I have been running with no sleeves, normal sleeves and long sleeves, I have no chaffing issue at all. The material is well made that it s very comfortable.

Cons : It s expensive