SJ Vest (1st Generation)

Brand : Ultimate Direction
Gear Type : Running vest
Features : Front fuel hydration access, non chaffing material, hiking poles loop, 2 compartment on the back, weatherproof.

This vest is one of the best for running vest with a reasonable price. I bought this vest for my Pinhoti 100, but I ended didn’t use it. I did a 20 miles  trial run with this vest with all the gears that I would store in this vest on Pinhoti 100, it didn’t go well. I got bruised over my ribs from the bottom of the bottles. I might be too skinny or too small for the vest, I had to tighten it up pretty close if I wanted it fit into my body, and that’s the reason why the bottles pressing my ribs pretty hard. But I believe this issue was really subjective, many ultra distance runners use this vest and they love it.

Pro : Plenty compartment on the front and side that are accessible while on the run. One of them are waterproof for car key, salt tablet, money/credit card. Two compartment at the back, one is protected by waterproof material for cloth, and the other one is made of stretchable material for water-reservoir or else. Accessible hiking poles loop. 2 water bottles included.

Cons : The hard bottle that are pressing on the chest. I wished they make soft flask version.