The HydraQuiver – Single Barrel

Brand : Orange Mud  (http://
Gear Type : running gear
Features : capacity – 54 cu in, weight – 304 grams, super breathable nylon, secure storage with headphone port, bottle: 24oz.

I am a big fan of hand held bottle. But after I evaluate my races a couple of times, I realize that I can take a benefit from using both of my hand on my race day. Specially on the technical course or on the steep hill where I use my hands as the extra push over my legs. And this HQ Single Barrel is the right answer.

Pro : The bottle that store along my spline, make the movement in sync with my body, yet I have no problem with accessing it or store it back while I am on the run. Also I don’t feel the bottle weight hanging on my back. I can store all my fuels and phone into the front pocket, and easily access it on the run. The back compartment has plenty space for me to store my car keys and wallet. Inside the storage area, it has a secure key clip, it helps to prevent my car key fall out when I open the zipper.

Cons : I hope the next version will come with rocket underneath the bottle. Just kidding. I have no complain.

How to wear the pack: