Borobudur Marathon 2017 – Half Marathon – 2017 Closure

About The Race From The EO
Government of Central Java and Bank Jateng, in collaboration with KOMPAS Daily held Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2017, a running race event with “Reborn Harmony” as its main theme.
With the aim to rejuvenate the spirit of togetherness of runners and the people of Central Java.
Growth in the economic sector can also be impacted by a good sports tourism program, and running event is one way to do this.
Raising the values of history and Borobudur culture as the world heritage culture.

My original race schedule plan, was having no more race after the BTS 100K. But I was lucky to steal podium 3 on the 5K race a month ago, and I got a free entree to this race. So here goes nothing.

We arrived at Yogya airport pretty early on Saturday morning, and our driver took us straight to the race package pick up, at Semanggi Ballroom, Grand Artos Aerowisata Hotel, Magelang. The race pick up was pretty organize and we did not have to wait long, nor moving from one booth to another. Then we went straight to our hotel not far from Borobudur Temple Site, Rumah Boedi Private Residence Borobudur. It was such a hidden gem in between local villages. And they also had bikes, antiques bike, for us to explore the area. We went to Borobudur to see how long to take a bike there from the hotel, we also visit my dad’s friend hotel, Omah Garengpoeng, and had dinner there. Such a delicious home-made dinner they have.

Race Band Of Zoom Zoom
We get off from our hotel pretty late, probably only an hour before the starting line, because the bike ride is probably only 10-15 minutes. We delivered our drop bag and straight to the starting line. I was planning just to take it easy and enjoy the jog with my girlfriend at that time. Unfortunately, she mentioned that I had different race band. It showed that I was in certain range of finish time than what she had. I think my ego just snapped, and suddenly I was on my monkey mode.
The gun off, and I was immediately hit it off and passed as much people as I could. The Sun just rose, so the light was dim and the air was still cool. Perfect. By the time I hit the main road, I was already on the single file spread out runners, which I could tone down my pace and just got into my comfortable pace. A little by a little I gained my position and passed one runner after another. We ran into some villages, and all the villagers were so kind, cheering on us and gave us a big smile and encouragements. The crowds in this race were the best. From students came out, filled up the street and cheering at us; to the local people using their traditional dancing clothes and make up and entertain us.

Run To The Hill
The first 10k was pretty smooth, and entertaining through a series of villages, padi field, cheerful crowds. I was also kept picking up runners along the way slowly but sure. Though, the game changed after I passed the big bridge over a river, the course came in with a few steep rolling hills. Not sure what I was thinking, I though I was Killian Jornet who could kill all the uphill and passed people. And it came with a price. After the last long hill on mile 11 ish, I was spent. On the long wide road, I was that close to stop running, I think it was just my muscle memory and stuborn monkey brain that kept me moving. At that time, I had no clue where was I on the race and what distance was it, so when I saw that I was entering the Borobudur Temple area again, that kinda sparked my spirit again. I braced up my pain, and faked it till I make it. I ignored all the pain and convinced myself this would be done in 5 minutes or so, easy peasy. Finally I saw the finish line, I crossed it, I missed my goal, but I was happy to be done. Finally my feet could rest till the end of the year. 2018 here I come.