Borobudur Marathon 2017 – Half Marathon – 2017 Closure

About The Race From The EO
Government of Central Java and Bank Jateng, in collaboration with KOMPAS Daily held Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2017, a running race event with “Reborn Harmony” as its main theme.
With the aim to rejuvenate the spirit of togetherness of runners and the people of Central Java.
Growth in the economic sector can also be impacted by a good sports tourism program, and running event is one way to do this.
Raising the values of history and Borobudur culture as the world heritage culture.

My original race schedule plan, was having no more race after the BTS 100K. But I was lucky to steal podium 3 on the 5K race a month ago, and I got a free entree to this race. So here goes nothing.

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Whiteface Sky Race Series 2016 — Beyond The Clouds

“Whiteface sits on more true vertical gain than all but 14 other ski resorts in North America and more than any resort east of the Rockies. From its sharp and exposed form to an entrance lined with the rings and flags of the world telling of its place in past and current Olympic activity, Whiteface is iconic. Whether you’re keen on throwing down w/ some of the best mountain runners in the world for US SkyRunning points, or whether you’re just up for a beautiful weekend in the DAk’s, the resort and the town of Wilmington will provide the pitch perfect venue for an amazing weekend of hard efforts, epic experiences, and the wonderful community which defines the best of trail running. Red Newt Racing is stoked to have you.
Saturday will provide entrants the brilliant opportunity to redline while hiking…i.e. it’s pretty steep. All of it. Be sure to take a moment to stop, look up toward some of the best mountain runners in the world shuffling forward to the finish, back toward fellow entrants of all ages, shapes, and sizes moving toward the summit, and around at the brilliant Adirondack Peaks enveloping you. You don’t get any of those sites often…soak it up. Sunday will provide two of the steepest alpine loops you’ll find anywhere, in any country, interspersed with a recovery roller loop. Your legs will be pretty thrashed, your lungs pretty worked, but you’ll have completed a pretty incredible feet.” – RDs; Ian Golden and Jan Welford

Zion 50k 2016 – Water And Mud Good For Skin

About a year ago, after I finished my 100 miles race in Monument Valley, I was immediately fell in love with Utah. And I thought it would be cool if I could have a race with my friends in Utah sometime.
So I pitched an idea to my friends to race in Zion 100 in 2016. Some answered the call and here where the story started.

Race Description

A challenging, scenic run through the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park. 4 distances will be offered in 2015- a Half Marathon, 55k, 100k, and a 100 miler. The 100 miler and 100k will be run on Friday, with the half marathon and 55k on Saturday. The 100 mile course includes 4 steep climbs onto mesas that offer incredible views of the varied geological features of the area.
55K (original course)– This route begins by heading straight towards and then up onto Gooseberry Mesa, then does the 12 mile loop on top. After dropping back off the mesa, the trail heads west to the Virgin Dam aid station and then to the finish.


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Blues Cruise 50K 2014 – Let Me Cruising

Distance : 50K
Finish : 4:56:49
Rank : #32 (overall)

This was my second year of doing this race. Blue Cruise 50K was a really good race, not too crazy or too technical, but still not easy by any means. The course had enough hill that you would curse your legs 2/3 of the race, especially if you did not pace yourself. This race also one of my favorites, the RD was awesome, the aid stations were stocked (they had bacon at the last aid station), the volunteer was very nice and always lifted up our spirit, and the best one was the swag; the best swag ever.


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Manitou’s Revenge – The Revenge Is Brutally Sweet

Distance. : 54 miles
Finish Time : 17:13:32
Rank : #39 (overall)


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.09.16 PM
Walking Into A Lion Den

This race was one of those races that made me worry for the whole year. Specially after I got injured and DNF at Cayuga 50 miles, 3 weeks prior to this race. This race at least 4 miles longer, about 4000 feet more on its elevation gain, definitely more technical, and it was probably the hardest ultra marathon race in Northeast. With 30 hours cut-off for 54 miles distance race, that was enough to keep my tail stay between my legs. On the top of it, I still feel not 100 percent recovered from all of my injuries.
So the whole time on the way to Windham, NY, I was so antsy and nervous. Thanks to the almighty that Maria, my crew master, was there and we  spent most of our time go through the race detail. Kept my mind occupied. Yet, later on that night, I wasn’t able to sleep until the last hour.

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