CC5K 2017 – Too Fast Too Furios Seriously I Hate 5K Race

Race Details From The Race Website
This race was part of Canisius College 90th years anniversary celebration, and the theme was “90 years of Canisius College for Indonesia”
This CC5K #almamateRUN is organized by CANIRUNNERS and supported by RUN.ID, which is the third year of CC5K annual running race, after its success in 2015 and 2016 courses in Menteng area that is the home base of Canisius College Jakarta. This event supports Du’Anyam, traditional craft-women in Nusa Tenggara Timur – East of Indonesia, by distributing the handcrafts from Du’a to the runners.

Why This Short Less Felt Forever
A week after I almost met my creator (sarcasm) in Jogja Marathon, and a week before my Rinjani100, why not to put a little fast short race in between. Seriously I did not think it was a good idea, and I didn’t even like a fast short race, but for a good cause I thought I could give it an excuse. To make it more interesting, I pulled my right inner thigh from basketball game on Wednesday. So this would be “effing fun”.
In the race day morning, I parked at Bernard’s house in Menteng, and run with him and Rendy Sunarso to the starting race. Probably would be a good way to rise my heart rate as a pre-race warm up. Along the way to the starting line, we met Danny, an old friend that I had not met for 20 years, and some other friends.
When I got to the starting line I met more friends, old friends, some of them I had not met in years. Closer to the gun time, I moved towards the front. Not like my usual race ritual, since I knew this would be a quick and fast kind of race, so might as well started it fast. When the gun off, I started to sprint out. After a few hundreds meters, there were only a few runners ahead of me. I noticed there were 2 runners with blue tanks that ran in a pretty good pace. I tried my best to shorten the distance, but after a few minutes and a few road kills, I decided to back down. I was in no business to compete, no speed work since September 2016 and still lack of training, and my inner thigh complained. Soon a bunch of previous road kills were killing me, until it stopped when I found slightly discomfort pace that I could endure for the distance.
Ugh why this kind of short race felt like forever, I thought I was gonna faint out in any minute. I had my Orange Mud handheld and  Tailwind juice with me, since I needed it for my run before and after the race. With that said, I could just keep moving at every aid station, and kept my pace constant. There was a section, named Cendana challenged or something like that,  it  supposed to be a sprint challenge in Strava, but I would die if I tried to attempt it.
When I got off from the neighborhood streets, and ran into the busy main street, I knew it would be around 1.5 miles. So I started to ramp up my cadence and increasing my kick back for power. A little by a little I shorten the distance to 2 runners in front of me. I held a little bit so I was shadowing those runners. And when we did a sharp u-turn, like 500 meters away from the finish line, I tried to pull my monkey move. For a second I passed the 2 runners, a guy and a gal. Unfortunately after a hundred meters or so, my inner thigh screamed and spasmed that force me to slow down. The guy runner passed me, I tried to keep him close but the leg failed me.

I was so happy when I crossed the finish line. The torture was over, oh (again) how I hate short races. Nevertheless, I was happy that I was there, met and ran with old friends. I went back to the finishing line to cheer runners. By the end of the race, I had a big question mark, how would I pull a bad ass 100k mountain race with inner thigh problem. We would see next week I say.
As for the CC5K2017 race wise, it was a really good race. Despite the course had a lot of turn, but it was well organized, the streets were free from cars, and the volunteers were awesome. Oh also, there were plenty things to see and cheap deals at the race festival area. Good stuff.