Minimus Zero

Brand : New Balance (
Gear Type : Trail running shoes
Features : Crazy light, minimalist shoes, 0 mm drop

These are the fast shoes. I had my 50k PR with these shoes that I haven’t able to break it, not even close yet. (today is March 11, 2014)

Pro : It s super light. Most of the weight cut off is came from the pods system on the outsole. So the hard pods are only covering the area where the foot makes contact with the ground. It very minimalist but its traction is really great, on pretty much any kind of terrain. The second cut-off is came from the shoes’ skin. First of all, the design is really striking, they’re the coolest running shoes I ve ever had. The skin is using a very thin layer, it’s a combination between flexible plastic and fake leather. Then, I m not sure what they did with the laces, but they hold really firm with only one bunny loop, at the same time they are easy to un-knot.

Cons : Wished they have a rock-plate protection to equalize the small rocks pinching into my feet. I heard they have this feature on the 2014 version. The thin skin come with a price. I literally broke the shoes in 3 months running on the trail. I pretty much ripped off almost the whole shoes :-D. But New Balance was so nice and cool about it, they gave me a replacement for free, even if I want to exchange them with different shoes.