Quick Grip

Brand : CamelBak (http://www.camelbak.com)
Gear Type : Hand-held bottle
Featured : Insulated Podium Chill Bottle keeps water cool and close at hand.

This s a must have gear on my run. I use this hand-held bottle for pretty much all the time, training, trail running, or ultra race. The farthest race I have done with this bottle is a 50 miles race. I love this, because it is just easy to refill in aid station, quick reload if I may say. Hand-held bottle in general is kinda annoying at the beginning, and could also be tiring from holding it for hours. But when you get use to with it, it s not really a big deal. Some time it can also help us to get momentum on the uphill.

It s cheap and very durable. I have fallen so many times and put my weight over this bottle, and it refuse to be broken. I also like its secure lock, not only protect the water spilling out from my fall, but also keep the cool water stay cool longer.

I can’t find anything.