Last Day of Run For Dylan: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 13:33:00

This day was a pretty special day. Other than this day was the day I got a year older, but also was the last day of my 35 days of adventure and the last day of my RunForDylan charity. I just realize that I was blessed that I could do what I do; financially, physically and mentally. I had been doing ultra trail running for more than one year and a half. Despite running was good as an exercise and life challenge, but I found that running was also a pretty selfish activity, specially ultra trail running. I would say half of my life these couple of years was dedicated for myself, my running, and those stinky running shoes. But this day when I did my last run for RunForDylan charity, I felt a new meaning of running. I felt I could give back to community. In this case was for Dylan and any other kids who suffers The Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ib. On the top of it, running this charity gave me more courage and put more effort to finish my race or trek. So many times when I was in Mont Blanc, I thought I wanted to quit, I wanted to turn around and went back to my comfy zone, but I did not. RunForDylan reminded me that I could not give up on her. And my big hope that someday I could witness Dylan would run a marathon(s) or even ultra, who knows.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.46.19 PM

The Run
The run was split into 2 sections. The first 30 miles, I ran by myself from Astoria – Randall Island – Harlem – Central Park – West Side Greenway Battery Park –  East Side Greenway – out and back of Williamsburg Bridge – Ace Bar. Then for the last 5 miles, I did it with NYC Fun Run.
The first 16-18 miles went great, it was perfect weather, and I tried my best to stay on my slow pace. Although I was so smart that I forgot to charge my camera, so I had to put ration on my picture. Then, after mile 18, everything was started to crumble apart. For some reason I could not find a water fountain, I tried to go to street vendor to get Coke but no one was in the booth, my stomach started to get upset, all my injuries started to creeping on me, and everything that the ultra runner could whining about. I managed to stay focus and keep going and stay on my pace, too bad before I got into Williamsburg Bridge, probably mile 27 – 28, I had to walk a few blocks. My legs were not happy. On the foot of Williamsburg Bridge, I pushed myself to keep running, but I had to do a bit power hike on the way back to Manhattan.
On the last 5 miles, out and back from Ace Bar to Manhattan Bridge, if not because of my running buddies from NYC Fun Run, I would not able to finish my journey. I was probably bent on my knee every time I had to stop on the traffic light. But at the end, I was happy that I did it, and I think for easy pace run, I was doing ok.

The Beer
After we finished with the run, we went in to Ace Bar. It s time for me to celebrate for my charity and my birthday. It was a happy day. I did 35+ miles,  I got a chance to drink with my running friends, my crazy ultra runner, Dylan’s parents, and all of my good friends.