Season 3 Is On

After 35 days of slacking, I decided that I needed to start my season 3 training. I went to Mt Tammany (it s a hill) and did only 3 washing machine loop, Javelina Jundered style. Thank you to NJ for closing the highway 7 and 1-9 , I was got lost a bit in NJ. Also, still without a smart phone, I could only guess it was 10 miles total in 3 hours (ish).

There were a few cool things about today run. Somehow we had a thick fog in the morning, and when I got to the peak of the hill, it seemed like a cloud. Make me felt like in the high altitude mountain. I missed Mont Blanc. The other thing that was cool, they just renew the trail sign. They were more clear, specially on the small scrambling area.

Well it was a good short hill repeat, but “I ll be back”