Pinhoti 100 2014 – My Race Nemesis

“Pinhoti 100 is a Point to Point endurance run starting at Pine Glen Campground in Choccolocco Mgt Area just northeast of Heflin AL.  100.59 miles in length with just over 14,000 ft of climb and descent with a total of 28,000 ft of elevation change. The Pinhoti Trail is some of the most beautiful trail that navigates over rocks, through creeks and over Cheaha Mountain, (2408ft) the highest point in Alabama while traversing the Talladega National Forest. Although not a first timer course many 100 mile virgins come to complete each year. Some succeed and some fail. The course is very doable for the properly trained runner. We and all the awesome volunteers are here to help you reach your goal to the finish line!”
– Pinhoti Trail Series –


I did this race last year, but I did not finish due to my ankle injury on the mile 68. It broke my heart. And this year I came back with a determination to finish this race, despite my pelvis and hamstring injury on my right, but I convinced myself to get a revenge.
Before Pinhoti, I had assured myself that I would be ready. I had done a few races that much harder than Pinhoti trail. Those races that had harsher weather like TDS in the Alps, or crazy technical course like in TNF Bear Mountain and Manitou. I had done more technical trail and hill repeat training. I did many solo run multiple times. Those training gave me confident, but probably over confident.
Also this time I had Dan to crew me, that was really made my mind in peace since Dan was an experienced runner and had done plenty ultra marathon.

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BEAR MOUNTAIN LOVE AND HATE #10: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 10:09:53

Back to my lovely hills at the Silvermine Lake. This time not only training for my uphill and downhill pace for my Pinhoti 100 – 2014, which is coming up in a couple of weeks, but also I was also testing my new running gears from Orange Mud. They were the HydraQuiver Double Barrel and their ingenious Transition & Seat Wrap towel.
This time I learned my lesson. I brought my new monkey phone, map, one bottle of water and one bottle of tailwind. As my ritual, I did a short loop as a warm up, and this time I checked my map on the junction. And then I did 4 reps of hill repeat. I wished I could stay longer, but I had 3 different parties to attend that day. Thank you to Orange Mud towel, I could change my clothes at the parking lot, and became more presentable. At the end, it was a good day, and love my new trail toys.


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Blues Cruise 50K 2014 – Let Me Cruising

Distance : 50K
Finish : 4:56:49
Rank : #32 (overall)

This was my second year of doing this race. Blue Cruise 50K was a really good race, not too crazy or too technical, but still not easy by any means. The course had enough hill that you would curse your legs 2/3 of the race, especially if you did not pace yourself. This race also one of my favorites, the RD was awesome, the aid stations were stocked (they had bacon at the last aid station), the volunteer was very nice and always lifted up our spirit, and the best one was the swag; the best swag ever.


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Sloppy Lazy Bum – Sat, 4 Oct 2014 13:00:00

“When in doubt. Train!”
Sensei Viscovich – TSMMA

I supposed to start to do my training season 3 this week, for my upcoming Pinhoti 100 race in November. But this lazy bum had a waking up early problem. So I had missed all my morning run except on Tuesday.
No one never trusted me when I said that I was a slacker. But truly I was. I did not train as much as my fellow runners. Wether on putting mileage over a week, cross training or just strength/stretching training.
And this morning, I woke up a bit late, it was raining, and my head was a bit heavy from 4 glasses of beer the night before. So it was a perfect day for me to go back to sleep. But while I was making my coffee, I heard Steven Tyler talking about success and persistence on the radio. I just realized that it was exactly what I needed and  the only thing that I was good at, was persistent. So I kicked my butt to get into my running shoes. I drove to New Paltz and decided to do a short fast run in the Gunks. My kind of fast, not elite fast. And the Gunks was perfect. It was not technical at all, but it has a pretty good rolling hills. It was pouring but still it was a beautiful trail, plus no one in there so I had all the trail for myself.
When I drove, I thought if it was worth to drive all the way there just to do a short run, and it was. I could run freely in the fresh air, the mist between the trees kinda magical, and I felt relax and happy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.24.05 PM

  • Activity: Running
  • Distance: 8.86 mi
  • Duration: 01:12:11
  • Average Speed: 7.36 mph
  • Average Pace: 08:08 min/mi
  • Calories Burned: 917
  • Start Time: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 13:00:00

Season 3 Is On

After 35 days of slacking, I decided that I needed to start my season 3 training. I went to Mt Tammany (it s a hill) and did only 3 washing machine loop, Javelina Jundered style. Thank you to NJ for closing the highway 7 and 1-9 , I was got lost a bit in NJ. Also, still without a smart phone, I could only guess it was 10 miles total in 3 hours (ish).

There were a few cool things about today run. Somehow we had a thick fog in the morning, and when I got to the peak of the hill, it seemed like a cloud. Make me felt like in the high altitude mountain. I missed Mont Blanc. The other thing that was cool, they just renew the trail sign. They were more clear, specially on the small scrambling area.

Well it was a good short hill repeat, but “I ll be back”