TransRockies Run 2015 – The Fun Run That Kicks My Ass Pretty Bad

Summer Camp For Runners
The TransRockies Run course runs from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of single-track and forest road with nearly 20,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.

Runners were fed and housed in a tent city, and treated to hot showers and other amenities every night, and are supported throughout each stage with food and aid stations along with a fully equipped and mobile medical team. Each morning, the runners will leave the race village en masse and tackle the day’s course before arriving at the finish where the Event Team has moved in and rebuilt the village from the night before. With gear bags, tents, showers and food waiting, the runners can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening trading stories, healing wounds and recovering in preparation for the next day’s run.

TransRockies Run – RUN6
6-Day Team Event & Solo
Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, CO
120 miles, 20,000 feet of climbing

Manitou’s Revenge 2015 – 54 Miles+ of Rocky Highway

Manitou’s Revenge is a 54 mile ultramarathon through the Catskills beginning in Windham, N.Y. on the northern Black Dome Trail and then mostly following the Long Path from Acra Point all the way to downtown Phoenicia, N.Y.
This was my 2nd year of this annual madness mountain race. I still believe that this is the hardest 50 mile race in the North East, probably in US. Even though, this time, I came back with more experiences over the course and in ultra races, but I still struggled with injuries, especially from my nasty fall in Cayuga 3 weeks before.


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TNF ECS Bear Mountain 50 miles – Smile the only thing was left in me

A hardy test for trail runners of any level, The North Face Endurance Challenge New York winds along the western shores of the Hudson River and through the craggy foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Expect enough rocks and challenging terrain along the course to keep you engaged, but not enough to prevent you from running the majority of the race.
Runners can expect terrain changes from packed dirt to loose rocks, from tree roots to leaf-covered trails. The Bear Mountain Endurance Challenge course cuts to the chase, with some trails heading steeply uphill rather than zig-zagging at a gentler grade. Descents end in wooded hollows before the next rapid climb ending with breathtaking views. Make no mistake: this will be a tough test of off-road endurance.

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Springletrack 2015 Fat Ass Marathon – Up up And Away

The Deal
1.  The Springletrack is a group run in the Gunks, not a race.
2.  The 26 mile course is on as much single track as possible and is in the Spring (thus the name)
3.  It follows the classic fat-ass format, no aid, no registration, and NO COURSE MARKINGS AT ALL, THAT’S RIGHT NONE!!
4.   We have had a staggered start for the first 2 years.   For 2015 I’d like to have a mass start at 9:00 am from Spring Farm on the Mohonk Preserve.  If you don’t think you can finish by 4 pm (that’s 7 hours) start earlier whenever you like.  It is a fat-ass after all.
5.  Since this starts on Mohonk preserve property, you will need to buy a day pass if you are not a member ($12 fee)
6.  The directions (link above) are very clear about where to go, and the trails are mostly easy to follow.  Buy the NY/NJ trail conference map and draw a line on it.
7.  You get a sticker if you do the whole course.


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Monument Valley 100 – Race In The ACME Film Set

Course Description
Situated within the Navajo Nation, Monument Valley boasts amazing formations that reach over 1,000 feet into the sky and draw your gaze in wonderment. You will likely recognize these formations or “monuments” from the hundreds of movies that have been filmed in this desert backdrop over the years. Vibrant colors and dramatic shadows cast along the valley floor will give you a sense of becoming “in tune” with nature, experiencing the same inclusion with the natural world that the Native Americans have practiced for generations. Running becomes less of an activity and more of an intrinsic way in which to absorb the landscape.
This race will begin on Friday and will start off heading south on a long out-and-back leg to the remote and sacred Mystery Valley and up onto Weatherill Mesa to the turnaround point overlooking the entire central valley. After returning through race headquarters (approx mile 36), the route then takes you directly over to the Hogan aid station in the central valley (mile 40). From here, you will do a 4.5 mile loop through the North Window overlook, then a 9.5 mile loop that takes you past the Totem Poles, several arches, and some petroglyphs. You will then climb up onto Mitchell Mesa and turnaround at an overlook directly above the starting line (mile 59) with views into the north and central valleys. You will then run the Arches and North Window loops in reverse direction before departing for the north valley at mile 79.  This last section of the course takes you along side the East Mitten, Brigham’s Tomb, Stagecoach, Big Chief, and Sentinel Mesa formations before leading you home to the finish line.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.05.43 PM

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